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The Keystone Wealth Process

Our three-step process helps us get to know you so we can help build a plan that fits your retirement objectives.


One of our experienced financial advisers will sit down with you to discuss your objectives and concerns and walk you through Keystone’s money management philosophy.


We’ll examine your current investments and create a financial plan that includes a review of your entire financial situation.


As a Keystone client, you can call your financial adviser at any time, for any reason. From employee benefits to insurance and estate planning to on-the-fly spending decisions, you can rely on us.

Continuing Your Financial


Whether you’re just getting to know us or have been a client for years, we believe that everyone should know what’s going on in their financial world. Our goal is to make it easy for you to stay in the know, so we share financial insights through our podcast, radio show and investor coaching.

Meet Keystone's Founder

John Hagensen

John’s vision for starting Keystone Wealth Partners was to deliver objective and transparent financial planning strategies. He takes an informational approach when helping people prepare for retirement and is passionate about coaching his clients to remain disciplined to a long-term financial strategy.


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The #1 Tip of Successful Investing

"Nothing inspires financial progress more effectively than when we align our money and our mission."

- John Hagensen